Final Portfolio

Basic Design Principles
In what ways does the piece succeed or fail in arranging elements? Grouping like elements and separating different elements?
The photo on the left contains a checklist of the accomplishments Michael Douglas has had in life.  The photo to the right of that contains details of what the American Cancer Society has done so far.  The space between the photos kind of makes you wonder why there is the space; therefore, it leads you to the photo on the right.  If the space doesn’t already make your eyes go to the right to see the other part of the ad, the man’s arms act as implied lines.  The man’s right arm (my left) points to the check list beside/on him.  His left arm (my right) points to the other part of the ad.
How does the ad visually connect (or fail to connect) elements of the piece?
Left, Center, and Right
How does the repetition of elements in the piece strengthen the composition and create consistency (or fail to do so)?
White and grey.
The way the words are scratched through like a check list
The American Cancer Society logo

How does the piece use contrast in its elements to add visual interest?
The chromatic colors against the achromatic colors make the logo stand out.
If you focus on only the achromatic colors, the poster seems dead and depressing.  If you add in the man smiling with that, the poster now looks positive, happy, and full of hope.
Typefaces & Fonts
Concord or Conflict?
Does this piece use the same font consistently? Or does it use different fonts that are different, but not different enough?
This piece does not use the same font consistently.  There seems to be at least 3 fonts in this ad and they don’t seem to conflict.
How does the piece effectively use contrasts? Is more contrast needed?
(Discuss: Size, Weight, Structure, Form, Direction, Color)
I don’t feel that the ad needs more color.  If the person were to be in color I feel that it would distract the viewer from the American Cancer Society’s logo.

Semiotic Components of Communication and Composition
Verbal signifiers
What words, idioms, allusions, anecdotes, stand out as significant meaning-makers? What is signified by each of these signifiers? 
The scratch off list makes it look like everything in life has been done except finding a cure for cancer so we should come together as one to help try to fund the cause.
Visual signifiers
What images, photos, colors, etc., stand out as significant meaning-makers? What is signified by each of these signifiers?
The man’s arms are stretched out, he seems to be light on his feet and happy meaning a life without cancer is happy and worries free-Hakuna Matata
Rhetorical Components of Communication and Composition
To whom is the communication addressed?
People who have cancer or know someone with cancer.
What is the event, occasion and/or setting for this piece?

Peaceful. Life without cancer-no worries. Time stops for a second so you can stop and enjoy life.
Are there cost/benefit, before/after, comparison/contrasts and other appeals to logic?
The smiling man seems like the weight of the world has been lifted off his shoulders; therefore, it gives the poster a positive look rather than negative and encourages the viewer to help in the fight against cancer.
Does the piece address credibility of the writer, relationship with the audience, etc?
Michael Douglas
How does this piece relate to the audience on an emotional level?
Everyone knows someone with cancer.  Everyone wishes there was a cure so that their loved one wouldn’t have to suffer.  People who are diagnosed with cancer tend to get depressed and people who have to see the depression feel bad.  The smiling man with his arms stretched out seems to be an invite/encouragement to help fight against cancer.



When doing this project I used to convert the size of the image.  The great thing about converting an image is it will reduce the time it takes to upload!  I changed this photo's demensions from 480 x 640 to 600 x 800.  Usually when an image is converted it might look a little bit fuzzy but there isn't really much difference in quality between my images.

This Si-Fi poster uses Orator std and Ariel fonts.  I used a photo of a circuit board from and a water color tecture from  I used the blue and purple colors because most Si-Fi movies use those colors.  The rectangles going up the page are to symbolize pieces of data.  There is repetition of purple squares, font, and white text.  The poster uses center alignment and the ratings inform the audience that anyone under 17 needs to have an adult with them if they are going to watch the movie.

In a power point or pecha kucha you can use pictures to symbolize what you want to say.  For example:  Trying to find a pic of a monoponic player was hard because all record players pretty much look the same so I decided to use this picture of an ear to symbolize it becase the prefix mono means 1.

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