Thursday, April 4, 2013


Growing up as a kid I remember how much I hated those dreadful PowerPoints.  I always wished they were shorter.  No one wants to listen to their teacher read from slide to slide in a monotone voice.  There's just only so much monotone you can take before your ears start to bleed and your head explodes.  The long PowerPoints didn't hold anyone's attention for long at all but now thanks to Mark Dytham and Asrid Klein, PowerPoints are now fun.  Did you know PowerPoints are now like a competitive sport?  Whattttt?? Oh yes, I said it, in fact about 80 cities have now adopted the idea of Pecha-Kuchas.  What is this Pecha-Kucha I speak of, you may ask?  Well, my friend let me tell you, it's only the best thing ever!!!! Allow me to explain..there are only 20 slides and the speaker only has 20 seconds to speak about each slide.  None of the slides are filled full of boring information.  Actually there isn't any writing on the slides at all.  Each slide contains a simple picture that will help the audience understand the presentation better.  Pecha Kuchas are the new and exciting way to get the point across and learn something new.