Friday, March 29, 2013

Horror Movie Poster

  • Proximity-ratings are at the bottom, actors are at the top
  • Alignment- center
  • Repetition- red, white, black, Ariel font
  • Contrst-A whole new mind being 2 different colors and the background image to the vector.
  • Verbal signifiers- the pull quote lets you know some serious stuff is going down in the movie
  • Visual Signifiers- circuit board lets you know it's about technology.  The split color impact font makes you think of split personality.
  • Audience-adults, if a person is under 17 they need an adult to watch the movie with them. 
  • Logos-red and black.  I feel that people associate red and black with horror movies because red, of course, represents blood and black can represent death or darkness so you know there's going to be a bad person in it.
  • Ethos-actors
  • Pathos-anxious
Horror movie poster uses Impact, Ariel, and Gigi fonts.  the circuit board and paint splatter came from

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