Friday, March 29, 2013

Comedy Movie Poster

  • Proximity- Ratings are at the bottom, actors are at the top.
  • Alignment- Center alignment
  • Repetition- Ariel font, white, black, and red
  • Contrast-High saturated picture vs black and white text box
  • Visual signifiers- the facial expression with the Edwardian Script ITC lets you know this movie is going to be funny.
  • Audience- adults.  anyone under 13 needs an adult to watch with them
  • Logos- image and font
  • Ethos- actor
  • Pathos- curious
Comedy movie poster uses Edwardian Script ITC and Ariel fonts. Photo taken by Justin Kelly. Wanna see more photos taken by Justin? Go here! or check out/like his Facebook page: 
Photo was an imitation of Miranda Sings from youtube.  Don't know who she is? Check out her YouTube channel! 

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