Thursday, January 31, 2013

Marina and the Diamonds

When you look at the cover of this magazine you see the beautiful singer, Marina, from Marina and the Diamonds but what you don’t realize is what makes the cover so great besides just a pretty face.  The proximity between word spacing creates an air which accentuates the directional changes of the composition making it successful.  The image exposes right, left, and center alignment of text and image which cohesively work together to create implied lines which occupy the viewer and direct their vision throughout the entire composition.  It also has a repetition in color which creates harmony in the composition (Ex: pink and aqua).  The piece is composed of midtones and highlights leaving dramatic features creating a dramatic impact.

Land Rover

The Land Rover ad looks like just a picture of minerals or as the average person would say “it’s just a picture of dirt and rocks.”  Whatever you would like to call the piles doesn’t really matter but let’s talk about the things no one thinks about when they look at an ad:  proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast of the ad.  The ad possesses consistent proximity.  The items are spaced equidistant to each other.  The ad visually connects the elements of the page by arranging them in a horizontal and vertical unison.  Because the piles are aligned in horizontally/vertically unison, equidistantly spaced, and also consistent in scale, it creates a strong composition through its organized structure and avoidance of anomalies.  The chromatic and achromatic contrasts as well as contrast in value, creates visual interest by exposing the viewer to variety.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Best Blogs 2011-2012

I believe that a good blog should have a creative title and the topic should be something meaningful that the reader can relate to.  I’m not too big on reading blogs but the best ones I found in 2011-2012 are:  The Everywhereist (2011), Get Rich Slowly (2011), Never Seconds (2012), and Little Seal (2012).  All of these blogs are attention catchers. 
Geraldine DeRuiter, the author of The Everwhereist, writes like she’s having a conversation face to face with the reader.  The way she builds up to her point keeps the reader hanging onto each word until the very end.  Although the blog is well written, I feel that her downfall is her bad language.  In one of her blogs about her husband’s beliefs she uses God’s name in vein.  Using such language might be a turn off to her viewers that are religious.
                J.D. Roth’s blog, The Get Rich Slowly Philosophy, is about money.  Money to some people is just important as oxygen so it really grabs the reader’s attention.  In Roth’s blog he gives very good tips with explanations on how to save money.
                As kids we all had our own compliments about school lunch.  For that reason Never Seconds is very easy to relate to.  It also informs the reader about Mary’s Meals which feeds kids in other countries.
                It’s in everyone’s nature to be nosey; therefore, when we see something written on someone’s life we get the urge to read all about it.  The Little Seal blog brings you back to reality.  Little Seal is by a mother that blogs about her son that has Tay-Sachs disease.  He is blind and can’t move.  This disease will end up claiming the child’s life.  This blog reminds us how precious life is and that life is short.  We should be grateful for it and enjoy it while we can.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

With Knowledge Comes Great Responsibility

When things get tough sooner or later people start to wonder when they’ll get their break.  And while waiting for that break to come we as humans tend to get lazier and lazier because we feel it’s something will never come.  Well that break has finally come.  God blessed people with the knowledge to produce the technology we have today but with that knowledge also comes ignorance which will lead to our demise.  The world keeps becoming more and more advanced and as it keeps advancing the more awesome yet scary it seems.  The human race is becoming too smart too fast and nothing completely good can come of it.  Screens are everywhere advertising things to us.  There are holograms giving concerts and answering questions in air ports.  I still feel that some technology should be done away with if humans can do the job just as efficiently the technology.  Some of the technology today seems a bit ridiculous and I believe you get more of a learning experience and more fun doing it the old fashion way.  I don’t have any personal experience with making my own video of pictures with music in the background but I have seen a lot of videos like that on YouTube.  Some videos even have the lyrics to the song so I can sing along! ;D  Even though I can’t personally relate to Kevin Kelly’s article, “Becoming Screen Literate, I can somewhat relate to it through my brother.  While my brother was attending Limestone College, he made a camera from a match box.  I’m not sure exactly how he got the images from the match box but watching him develop the pictures in Limestone College’s dark room was a long yet fascinating process.  It has to be done just right or else the photograph could be ruined.  Any light at all entering the dark room could ruin the photo.  The chemicals used to bring out the picture on paper can be dangerous.  Technology has made tasks such as developing photos safer, easier, and much faster to get such images.  Even though technology makes tasks easier doesn’t always mean it’s not still dangerous.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where's The Challenge?

I’m sure a lot of people can relate when I say my family often misplaces the TV remote.  The remote could be anywhere; another room, stuck between cushions of the couch, in the fridge.  Honestly, don’t ask, just know that in the Kelly family household it is possible.  I hardly watch TV anymore.  When I did, I often wished that someone would invent a call button on the TV.  That way you could easily press the button to make the remote beep so you could follow the noise then, BAM, what do you know there is the remote in the cat house you let your little Yorkie sleep in!  It is the same concept as cordless phones and their call buttons to help find them easier.  If this were invented it would be pretty awesome. I grew up on a small farm in the very small town of Blacksburg, SC.  As a kid, my daily activities were helping my parents harvest the four gardens we had, bottle feeding the baby calves, feeding the other livestock, gathering chicken eggs, and watching my dad rob the bee hives.  I also did some “normal kid” activities such as playing with cute little puppies, riding bikes, flying kites, etc.  I know what you’re thinking, this blog is supposed to be about technology, not my awesome childhood.  Well, truth is, my parents didn’t have cell phones.  The only phone we had was the house phone.  While the TV was on, it was sometimes hard to hear the person on the other side of the call.  If you moved the phone cord, it would make a popping noise and the person’s voice would go in and out.  Since the phone wasn’t cordless, it stayed in the living room.  If you didn’t read between the lines of my previous sentence, let me break it down nice and simple. There was no privacy while talking on the phone.  We also had video games to play on the SEGA or Nintindo64.  My brother played more than I did.  I’m not much of a gamer so I mostly wanted to play outside.  Back then, we didn’t have Internet at my house.  We didn’t get a computer until my brother and I were in high school and needed Internet for homework.  Internet changed our lives.  Well, once we updated from dial-up to the super fast stuff it did.  Now, I pretty much don’t go outside unless it’s to feed the animals.  I mostly stay in my room and Skype with friends.  I bought a cell phone when I started college but still only know how to do a couple things on it because I only use it for emergencies.  I usually use my iPod for texting.  Technology is a great thing but in a way I feel like it is making us lazy.  Almost all the answers to our questions can be found online.  Just type in a keyword and about 219,000,000 results can be found in 0.27 seconds.  Technology makes things extremely easy and for that reason our brains are turning into mush as we speak.  When texting we don’t spell things out which contributes to the slaughter of our knowledge and we forget how to spell words that seemed so easy to spell before we started texting.  Calculators do the work for us.  Where is the challenge these days?  Answer:  There is no true challenge.  We rely on technology too much; therefore, we don’t challenge our brains enough.  With that being said, sometimes in some situations I feel technology ruins us and that we should try to stop being so reliant on technology.  Not only does technology make us somewhat lazy, it’s taking our jobs.  So the question is…is some of the technology we have today really worth it?